We use crowdsourcing to connect brands with creators

MillionYou is the largest crowdsourcing agency in Poland connecting the talent of creative communities with leading brands to generate innovative ideas, co-create content, and realize campaigns that engage consumers.

What we do

By using crowdsourcing, we enable brands to co-create with the creative community. We ignite the potential of innovation and creativity that lies in people and connect the most creative and inspiring people with a common purpose. Facilitating engaging content created by consumers, shaping the future of the city with citizens, or gathering historical testimonies from around the world are our specialty.

9440 films made for leading brands

400 employees engaged in business innovation

4 537 ideas received to change the city of Warsaw

1 257 400 PLN paid out in rewards to creators

2 283 stories gathered from around the world


Creative Community

Our community of creative amateurs and professionals produces highly engaging, authentic, fresh content with the viral potential that resonates with viewers in the form of films, scripts, and graphics.

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Design & Research Crowd

Dedicated communities integrated around the brand are built to co-create products, generate new ideas, and develop communication strategies.

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Employee Participation

A closed online platform has been created within the organization. It allows firms to capture novel ideas, improve workplace culture, and help identify talents within the organization.

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Smart Cities

A dedicated citizen engagement platform connects residents, the public sector, and partners and allows them to share their ideas, interact, and collectively improve their city.

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About MillionYou

The first and largest crowdsourcing agency in Poland, MillionYou is based on the idea of crowdsourcing. We create video content, engage consumers in non-standard campaigns, and generate ideas.

Thanks to co-creation, the transparent rules of participation, and the engagement of communities, we can build close relations between brands and consumers.

Success stories

The world belongs to the mobile generation!


Operation ceiling


Trail of Hope






Open Warsaw


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